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Last updated: September 16th, 2021


Hey there! Thank you for your interest in Fluky!

Fluky is a random video chat application in pure WebRTC which has its own signaling server built with NodeJS and Socket.io. So no third party services or APIs are needed, so you can use the system to host your own random video chat app! It comes with a powerful admin panel written in Laravel.

Fluky picks someone else at random and let users talk one-on-one. Users can choose between text and vido chat and filter the other users with gender and country.

The system doesn't use any third party services or APIs to make the video chat work. It is purely built upon native JavaScript APIs. Fluky uses WebRTC technology so, the media will be end-to-end encrypted by default, which makes the system very secure.

Fluky is divided into two parts
  1. A Web application in Laravel
  2. A Signaling server in NodeJS


This software is sold exclusively through CodeCanyon, where the CodeCanyon Standard Licenses apply.

Unauthorized copying of Fluky via any medium is strictly prohibited.

Application Flow

Fluky has a fully responsive design and rich UI, which makes it very easy to use in the mobile browsers too.

The admin can choose whether to allow users to login/register or not. He can also change the logo, application name, theme color etc from the portal itself. Make the features active/inactive or paid/free in just a single click.

Users can enjoy the built-in features such as text chat, video chat, gender filter, country filter, report user etc.

Note: For iOS (V11+) mobile devices, only Safari browser is supported.

The admin can enable the Fake Video feature from the Admin panel. This feature can be used for advertising purposes also.

Fake videos are not included in the package.


The system works in any server that has PHP and NodeJS installed

  • VPS or dedicated server
  • Web server & SSL
  • PHP >= 7.3
  • MySQL
  • NodeJS >= 12


  • The installation manual will help you install all the dependencies
  • HTTPS is required
  • Shared hosting will not work (unless you host the server separately)

Check out this link to get a cheap VPS hosting.


Get a bash script with the software, which will install and configure all the dependencies required to run Fluky, followed by a step-by-step installation wizard! It will take care of everything in a few minutes in a clean Ubuntu 18.04 or CentOS 7 VPS.


Before requesting support, please

  • Make sure it's a valid Fluky issue and not a customization request
  • Make sure you have tried the troubleshooting steps from installation guide

Support can be used

  • If you are facing issues installing the system
  • If you have faced a technical issue or bug
  • If you don't understand the system and it's flow

Support can not be used for

  • Customization services
  • Integration with other softwares
  • If the system files are modified or edited
  • WebView support

Please email your queries at hello@jupiters.tech with a valid CodeCanyon Username and Purchase Code for verification.

Minified versions of the two JS files are shipped with the package. To get an unminified version, email hello@jupiters.tech with your Purchase Code for verification.

Fluky: Random Video Chat

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